વડગામ અને યુ.કે. – કિરણ લવજીભાઈ પટેલ સાથે એક મુલાકાત.

વડગામના વતની શ્રી કિરણ લવજીભાઈ પટેલ તાજેતરમાં વર્ક પરમિટ લઈને ઉજ્જ્વળ ભવિષ્ય માટે લંડન શહેરમાં ગયા.ત્યાં તેમને જે નવા અનુભવ થઈ રહ્યા છે તેનું વર્ણન તેઓ સમાયંતરે આ વેબસાઈટ મારફતે કરતા રહેશે,જેથી આપણને ખ્યાલ આવે કે વિદેશ અને ભારતીય જીવન ધોરણમાં શુ ફરક છે.શરૂઆતમાં તેમણે જે અનુભવ્યું તે મુજબ આપણે વિકાસની ગમે તેટલી વાતો કરતા હોઈએ પણ એ સત્ય છે કે વિકાસની બાબતમાં હજી આપણે ઘણું કરવાનું બાકી છે,આજની તારીખે વડગામ લંડનની તુલનામાં ૧૫ થી ૨૦ વર્ષ પાછળ ગણી શકાય.લંડનમાં તમારી પાસે સ્કિલ એટલે કે કામની આવડત હોવી ખૂબ જ જરૂરી છે,જો તમારી પાસે બુધ્ધી શક્તી અને આવડત છે તો તમને જોબ અને ધંધો સરળતાથી મળી શકે છે.ઘણા એવા યુવાનો છે કે જેઓ ભારતથી લંડન આવ્યા છે અને  ૧૦ થી ૧૨ મહિના થઈ ગયા હોવા છતાં યોગ્ય નોકરી ધંધાથી વંચિત છે.તો ચાલો આપણે કિરણભાઈના લંડનના થોડાક અનુભવો જાણીયે જે એમણે મને નીચે મુજબ ઈ-મેલ મારફત મોકલી આપ્યા છે.

I am working in “Nisha Local” it is one of the best supermarket in UK. here i handle  all function of store like Cashier, Delivery,Stock Maintain.

when i got Visa, in planned in 9th July 12, to reached London so in 8th july i reached Ahmedabad n stay in Krishna |Hotel near |airport. my Journey Start from 9th July from Ahmedabad to Delhi, second Delhi to London Airport. i stay in my friend room, but here you have to work independent so i start to teach cooking activity. so my life journey from Vadgam to UK is not hard nor easy its average

I am share with you my experience in UK…

In UK we are more than 20 years behind to compare with UK in any field like Technology, Education and transportation and many other field,first i want to talk about Technology…

1. Bank

in India we go to bank for deposit n withdrawals money n we saw that many people n line for banking work in deposit n withdrawals hardly a few people use internet to transfer money n also in our village banking system employee also don`t know how to use internet. in India if we want to open account than you have fill bank from n long process. we normally us ATM machine for withdrawals in India there is no any machine to use for deposit your money. you have fill deposit from and fill all the details and again you have to wait for same time when your number come.

but in UK hardly a few people go to Bank for deposit n withdrawals for money most of people use internet to save time,  in  UK banking system intense bank account in front of you n you just submit your document, there is no any bank from to fill up and within working day you get all document like cheque book n internet document. also in bank there are deposit machine that you can easily deposit your money in few second and save your time so here less staff in bank compare too our banking system.

2. Education System

In India normally 1 to 12 standard student doing just study, n they have no any practical knowledge only have theoretical knowledge. in College time they just pass time outside. after finish college we try for govt job and west of our time. also our education system the staff also no highly qualified and we never use technology in education center.

in UK 1 to 12 standard student have much practical knowledge because in UK education system provide theoretical and practical knowledge so student can easily understand the concepts and story. when they move to college in UK there are 3 to 4 day weekend college so student start part time job and get practical knowledge and money for their personal use. in UK children complete 16 years than parent never help and support their children. so student start part time job and fulfill their personal expense with part time job.

3. Transportation

in India people never obey the traffic rule and always neglect traffic rule and in India our road and railway system are very bed to compare in UK. in UK there is no any railway on road side all railway in under ground so they are no any traffic to road transport and railway transport. here people use card name “Oyster” so you can easily transport with buses or rail across London. and the frequency of buses and rail in every 8 to 10 minute so there is no any traffic in transportation. here people must obey the traffic rule otherwise intense get memo because in UK every traffic signals have camera so you easily catch it but UK people must follow the traffic rules. if you break traffic rule in five time your licensed automatically cancel. in UK buses there is no any conductor because people use card so no need to purchase ticket. and you can top up your card in any off license shop so its too easy. people who came to London for visit they also purchase card in any shop and its very chip.

so I share my experience with you and letter i inform you with other experience, now these system apply in India it take maximum time but not difficult if our government support we sure beat UK.

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  1. ખુબ જ સુન્દર ..
    આપ્નો આ પ્રયાસ સરાહનીય છે , કિરણભાઇ નો ખરા દીલથી આભાર માનું છું સુન્દર માહીતી બદલ .. યુ.કે. થી બી.કે. નું અન્તર ખુબ જ ઘટાડી દીધું છે ..

  2. Snj says:

    ! Dis is false to say abt “not highly qualified staff in india” !! Plz just visit IIT n NIT or BITS , Pilani !!! U get confused after meeting dis staff i dnt knw abt medical !! Bt engineering is still gud nt bad if passed out frm dis high level institute bt ur sentence is for only GTU nthing else “”

    <3 IND. <3


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