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Navaratri Mahostav

This Navaratri Festival Celebrating photograph taken in Laxmanpura(Vadgam) Village on 15-16 October -2010.The Laxmanpura (Vadgam) Yuvak Mandal organized this Nine day event every year.During this event Laxmanpura Yuvak Mandal and Peoples provide a snack , Prasad ,Maha Prasad to all the peoples present in the Garba mahostav.The children’s, woman’s ,and youth participated in playing a Garba and enjoy the festival.The Garba starting at 9.30Pm and continuing till 12.30Pm ,so during 3 hour’s all the peoples of the village playing a Garba (Devotional Dance) and pray MA Amba (Goddess Amba) for betterment of all the societies.All the peoples of the village coming to watch this fantastic Garba Mahostav and enjoy the devotional atmosphere at Laxmanpura Vadgam.Specially girls child of the village wearing a traditional dress and playing a traditional Garba with great performance.